Episode 9 – Gregory Hall

Gregory Hall (Twitter, Facebook) joins me at my apartment in the Bronx to solve the world’s problems (racism, sexism, IKEA) in one hour-long podcast. Or give advice on how to masturbate. Whatever!

I cooked for him, and he is not dead!

Ep 8 – Maggie Nuttall

Maggie Nuttall joins me on the first Angry Show of the new year. All she wants to do is tell stories and kill, kill, kill. But she can’t kill because of laws. Pfft! OPPRESSION!

The bed bugs are gone, and I usher in a new era of bed appreciation. We don’t talk about that but still.

Bedbug hiatus nearly over

After a harrowing month and a half of bugs, bites, and an unbelievable amount of time spent at the laundromat. The Angry Show will be back just in time to ring in the Angry New Year. Look for a video on Monday the 21st and a new podcast on the 28th.

Merry Fucking Christmas!


There’s no podcast this week. Why not? Because I have fucking bed bugs. There will be a video coming in the next couple of days about why I hate bed bugs, New York City, and Al Gore.

For now, try not to itch while you’re reading this.

Ep 7 – Alex Fossella Again

One more time with Alex Fossella (@AFossella)!

Ep 6 – Shelly Colman

This episode features one of my best friends and Ladies of Laughter winner, Shelly Colman (@awfullysnippy). We talk about work, stupid people, and death. Another light-hearted episode!

She will be performing in Johnson City, NY on Friday, October 17! Go see her!

Ep 5 – Mike Kramer

Shit! This week I have Mike Kramer! We talk about high school, bad comedians, and the number of dicks that will fill the new world trade center.

Click his name to follow him on Facebook, or see him on http://clownsnewyork.com/

Ep 4 – Cara Kilduff

My guest this episode is Cara Kilduff (@CaraKilduff), amazing comedian and host of “Talking About” on QPTV. We talk about the important things of the world: dogs, fashion, rape, 9/11… you know, easy listening stuff. Cara also learns what happens when she doesn’t give me a picture of her angry face.

So please, join us on the dark side, and tell your friends, or I will find you.

Ep 3 – Frank Terranova

Finally have a picture. Today Frank Terranova (@frankterranova) and I get angry about comedy, phonies, and political correctness. Also, I travel to Fox News HQ to ask people why they are angry about the liberal media!

Check out Frank’s Oven Fresh and Comedy in the Terradome comedy shows. The next Terradome show is September 5!

Ep 2 – Liz Barrett and Dana Friedman
Liz Barrett and Dana Friedman

This episode I talk to the fabulous and occasionally angry comics Liz Barrett (@lizcomedy) and Dana Friedman (@danafriedman64) about life, love, and the best ways to exterminate the homeless. Featuring the Angry Question: “Why are you angry about Apple?”

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